The Virtual Event Pod

Noba’s virtual exhibition software solution.

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What is the Virtual Event Pod?

The Noba Virtual Event Pod (VEP) is a fully customisable virtual solution designed for exhibitors that are unable to attend a physical event.

Through the use of an iPad, exhibitors can engage and interact with visitors remotely via a live video call by simply scanning a QR code from a phone or visitor badge.

You can create an engaging, branded stand experience for exhibition or event attendees, using one or more of our VEP’s, and just one company representative or VEP stand host.

The VEP is a response to the evolution of the working culture. It optimises business productivity and promotes employee wellbeing, along with promoting a lower carbon footprint for organisations.

It is simple to use and enables potential clients to engage with the most relevant person within a business.

Key Features of the VEP

The Virtual Event Pod


Attendees can choose to connect with the most relevant person in your business.


Just one brand representative is required to encourage participation.


Optimises business productivity and promotes employee wellbeing.


Helps promote a lower carbon footprint for your brand.


A simple and engaging attendee journey.


Fully customisable


Remote technical support provided during the event life cycle.

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