Preventative Measures for Covid-19

We can provide the latest technology, to help ensure the health and safety of all visitors, staff, organisers and exhibitors at your events and venues, in response to Covid-19. We offer both temporary and permanent solutions, tailored to your requirements.

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Thermal Image Temperature Screening:

Noba’s thermal camera body temperature solutions are capable of highly accurate temperature measurement, to within ±0.3 °C.

The built in AI algorithm enables multi person, contactless measurement of up to 3 meters and with over 95% accuracy for face mask detection, offering guests and staff complete confidence.

The Features

  • Installed at key entry points to your venue or event
  • Up to 30 people measured simultaneously
  • Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.3 °C
  • Face mask detection
  • Safe and contactless
  • Easy to install with flexible deployment
  • Range up to 3 metres
  • Highly energy efficient

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