The Project:

Working in a particularly challenging environment the Noba crew successfully delivered connectivity to the WeWork Summer Camp festival which ran for 2 consecutive years.

Spread across hundreds of acres in the middle of a Deer Park, this is exactly the type of project the Noba team relish. With a cashless payment system, 8,000 tech savvy guests, a production team of 150+, VIP and Green Room all requiring a reliable, always on network, Noba were the perfect connectivity partner for this project.

Our Solution:

Getting 1Gbps of reliable connectivity into the middle of a Deer Park is no easy task, so it was crucial we used the right kit for the job. Utilising an interference free 60Ghz point to point solution and a localised point to multipoint wireless LAN, we were able to provide a stable connection to every area of the festival, even the most remote, highly wooded locations.

We installed a fibre internet connection and bonded VDSL as backup into an office building on a nearby industrial estate. Using a highly resilient, interference free wireless link, we sent the internet connection to our network core in the heart of the park. From the core, using a combination of armoured fibre and local point to multipoint wireless links, we were able to distribute the network connection across the vast site to where it was required. Scaffold towers were designed and constructed in various areas of the festival along with custom, waterproof housing and backup power systems for our mission critical network kit. This helped ensure a robust, rock solid solution was enjoyed by all users and devices across the entirety of the event.

Combined with 24 hour onsite live support, this was a great example of Noba providing high speed internet solutions no matter how challenging or remote the location might be.