The Project:

Our good client Event Concept have adapted to the pandemic by converting much of their office spaces into virtual event studios. With a robust network already in place we were called in to increase capacity for this high profile, bandwidth heavy virtual event.

Our Solution:

Making use of our London wide wireless internet service we were able to deliver a dedicated, enterprise grade, 1Gbps internet connection to Event Concept in a fraction of the time of a traditional ISP. We then bonded this to the existing connections using our ‘unbreakable bonding’ technology. This gave Event Concept a single internet connection made up of 3 x separate links, meaning that if any were to fail the virtual event and live streams would be unaffected.

We distributed this network via our core Cisco switches and CAT6 cabling to each of the studios and, combined with onsite support, provided a very robust, high availability solution. A critical element to any virtual show, our bonded technology provides far more reliability than more traditional, failover solutions.