The Project:

Technical production specialist, Sparq, brought us onboard to support with the eagerly awaited OnePlus 7 Series global launch at Printworks London. More than 1,000 global tech influencers, fans and the media flooded the venue to experience the new generation 5G-compatible smartphone.

The new smartphone range, the OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7, were launching simultaneously in London, New York and Bangalore. Sparq had an extremely tight schedule to meet from the client, with London being the biggest launch out of the 3 locations. With 650 guests attending, as well as 350 invited media in attendance, the launch was broadcast live across the globe on social media platforms.

Our Solution:

As the preferred connectivity supplier to Printworks London, Noba were ideally placed to deliver a fully managed WiFi and hardwired network. Combined with a 1Gbps internet connection and a 1Gbps backup connection, this highly robust solution provided perfect connectivity for all guests, press, demo devices and production, whilst allowing a crystal clear live stream to reach over 500,000 viewers.