The Project:

We’ve been providing Internet, WiFi and CCTV to the Junction 2 Festival since it first began back in 2016. Since then the festival has grown in both size and reputation to what arguably is now one of London’s best dance music festivals.

Set in the heart of West London’s Boston Manor Park, Junction 2 Festival welcomes 12,000 guests per day over a two day period. Being a cashless festival, reliable connectivity is crucial to the smooth running of this event.

Our Solution:

Due to the festival’s location, conventional connectivity such as leased lines and VDSL links are cost prohibitive, so the Noba crew provide the bandwidth needed via a mixture of satellite and bonded 4G. 

Given the large crowds, nearby cell towers become saturated and speeds slow rapidly, meaning that standard 4G kit as used by many providers is not up to the job of providing a reliable connection. Using our directional, long range antenna, our expert team are able to lock onto cell towers further away that are not affected by the festival site. By using multiple networks on multiple towers, we are still able to provide a very reliable bonded internet connection. Combined with a dual dish satellite broadband system as backup, we successfully provided a fast and stable WiFi connection to over 90 payment terminals, production compound, merchandise, VIP and live streaming team to the last festival.

As well as providing the connectivity we also provide the CCTV system to the Junction 2 Festival. Using the Noba site wide network infrastructure, our IP based CCTV solution provided full HD coverage of all the key areas, giving peace of mind to both organisers and festival goers alike.