The Project:

Friendsfest returned to London in 2021 and the Noba crew were on hand to help bring the show online. Based in five locations across the UK – London, Bristol, Manchester and Milton Keynes with a special Christmas activation at the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. The event allows fans of the show to live as one of the gang for a day.

It allows you to walk around the most iconic sets, like Monica’s apartment and the Central Perk coffee shop, and get some great snaps.

Whether it be lounging around on the Central Perk couch or recreating the Thanksgiving floating heads scene by peeping around Monica’s apartment door, fans can get involved.

Our Solution:

Supporting THE LUNA CINEMA LIMITED, the team delivered well over 100Mbps of bandwidth to each event using a combination of low latency satellite, point to point leased lines and hi gain directional 5g. Alongside the high-speed internet connection, Noba also provided site-wide WiFi coverage for the 700+ guests, traders, Photo Booth experiences, Production and PDQs.