Creative ways to use digital signage at events

Creative ways to use digital signage at events

Digital signage is revolutionising the way events look and feel. From static, fixed content on posters, billboards and signs, event organisers now have the power to present information in dynamic, eye-catching ways, from big screen video to scrolling ads.

Being able to update information in real time and present content in ways which truly engage the audience can transform the whole experience of attending an expo or a conference.

Here are some top tips for how to use digital signage to get maximum impact at your event:


Big conferences can mean a lot of rushing around for visitors trying to make workshops and talks in different places on a tight schedule. Digital technology can take some of the stress out of things – by streaming key events live on screens around the venue, people can take it all in without having to rush from one end of the site to the other. And if there is particular interest in one speaker or event, no one has to miss out because they cannot get a seat.

Real-time updates

Trying to make sure changes in schedule or other important information is communicated to all visitors once a large event starts can be a nightmare for organisers. But with digital screens, information can be updated 24/7, so everyone can be kept up to date at the push of a button.

Interactive information

You can bet that nearly all delegates at your event will have a smartphone, so cut down on printing costs and paper waste by turning event programmes into an app visitors can download. The same information – event maps, schedules, exhibitor details, amenities – can be displayed on touchscreen ‘kiosks’ around the venue. Visitors can search these to find exactly what they are looking for, to find exactly where a specific event is taking place, or to bring up exhibitor details from a symbol on the map.

Dynamic branding

For your own logos and signs, digital content can go a long way to changing perceptions of an event. Switching static branding to video content, for example, has been shown to reduce perceptions of waiting times by 40 per cent – it gives people something to engage with while they are waiting, say, for their next workshop to start. And for advertisers, digital content can increase conversion by as much as 10 times. Plus, instead of having just one advertiser on a banner, you can maximise space by having a scrolling series using the same amount of space.

Go social

Digital signage can take your displays and branding into radically new territory by actually allowing you to interact with your audience. Make use of event WiFi to set up event Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds. Use your digital signage to prompt visitors to comment on specific events or exhibits, then have a scrolling video feed of their comments. Delegates’ own photographs and reviews can be displayed on big screens throughout the hall, harnessing the power of audience generated content to create a ‘buzz’ and drive engagement.

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