Noba is a specialist IT company based in the UK providing high quality technical infrastructure to events and exhibitions throughout Europe and across the globe


Internet Anywhere

Short Term, Temporary Broadband/Internet Solutions for all types of Conferencing, Sporting, Festivals, Road Shows & Experiential Marketing Events.

Whether you need an internet connection in a derelict warehouse with no phone lines or simply require internet access whilst setting up and running a festival, we can have you connected in a matter of hours.

    • 3g Bonded Routers. Quick & Effective with Up to 7Mbs. Pre-configured by one of our technicians this technology can be couriered to you in a matter of hours and is literally plug and play
    • Satellite up to 10Mbs (Per Sat). We have just tested one of the latest new Satellite rigs and have been delighted with the results. This means huge savings where Satellite is the only option.
    • Point to Point- Where Onsite Broadband is not possible. Exceptional bandwidth with virtually no contention ratio. If you need big bandwidth and it absolutely must be bullet proof this could be the option for you.
    • Temporary ADSL/ADSL2+ Broadband. Up to 20Mbs 2:1 contention ratio installed in as little as 2 days for as little as 2 days. Robust & Cost effective, typically achievable anywhere there is an Address. Temporary WiFi, Clouds and Site wide transmission with a range of data capture and monetisation solutions available.
    • No Single project is the same and with different budgets and requirements there are plenty of options available to you.

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Emergency Internet

Get up to 7mbps in as a little as 2 hours or up to 20mbps in just 2 days.

  • Internet Down?
  • Moving Office?
  • Insufficient Bandwidth for your event?
  • Poor 3g Signal?

We deliver Emergency/Temporary Internet solutions for businesses and events throughout the UK. Flexible terms and a variety of options available to meet both your budget and requirements.

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Networks/WiFi/Temporary Clouds

As a dedicated Event IT service provider we deliver first class wired and Wireless Networks for all Indoor and Outdoor events.

Festivals, Conferences, Experiential Marketing Events, Roadshows and Sporting Occasions are the mainstay of our business.

  • Site Wide Wireless Networks for festivals to enable Ticketing devices, PDQ
  • Terminals or simply to access your main server.
  • Temporary Cloud for Data Capture or just as a thank you to your patrons
  • WiFi Networks Indoors & Outdoors, Whether you are in a giant Marquee or working across a number of rooms at conference
  • Press Rooms – Support the bandwidth hungry reporters attending your event with either a hardwired or WiFi Network.
  • Production Offices – 3 Users in a Porta cabin or a fully networked extension of your office with VOIP, server access etc…

Using our enterprise level hardware and fully qualified engineers our networks provide a robust, secure solution that you can depend on.

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IT equipment hire

PC’s, Mac’s, Laptops, Servers, Switches, Routers, Satellite Broadband, 3g Routers, Printers, VOIP Telephones etc…


IT staff

Typically IT Staff do not have to work in the dynamic fast paced environments of the events industry and are not customer facing. Our team are often commended on the way they conduct themselves when in the field where they are ultimately representing your company.

All of our technicians have experience in setting up IT Networks with Wifi, Satellite & VOIP across the full spectrum of the events industry. Festivals, Conferences, Experiential Marketing Events, Roadshows and Sporting Occasions are all part of that experience.



Communications are at the heart of any successful event. Whether you need temporary phone lines installed for a Festival or you need a Fully Functional VOIP system we can get them installed quickly and efficiently and at short notice.


Areas in which we work

Noba Are a dedicated IT service provider to the Events industry. Indoor & Outdoor, UK or Abroad.

  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Outdoor
  • Roadshows
  • Sporting
  • International
  • Construction sites
  • Historic buildings and stately homes


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