noba is a specialist IT company based in the UK providing high quality technical infrastructure to events and exhibitions throughout Europe and across the globe

WiFi Services, Event WiFi, & Temporary Internet from noba

Working exclusively within the events industry, noba deliver cost effective IT solutions both indoor and outdoor in the UK and across the world.

Whether you require a temporary internet solution at a festival or a 5000 user event WiFi network in a disused warehouse we have the solution for you. Having worked across the full spectrum of the events industry for over 10 years we understand the challenges that you face in putting an event together, particularly the headaches that trying to set up temporary internet access can cause. We understand our role in conveying your company image when in front of your clients and above all else we can appropriate the best IT solution to meet your budget, timescales and requirement. Temporary internet access, event WiFi services; you tell us what you want to achieve and we will give you the best options available to you in order to achieve them. Our goal is one of simplicity and reliability; we believe in delivering outstanding customer service and pride ourselves on building excellent relationships with all of our clients.

Temporary Internet Access at Events

The events industry is changing fast and among the key factors in that change is the rapid increase in the use of IT. With ever more ways to interact and engage with the customer and communicate with the greater community IT is leading the way in spawning new and exciting ways of achieving these goals. noba provides temporary internet connectivity at your festival for sponsors so they can interact with their target market, or site wide connectivity for security, ticketing terminals or PDQs. All these goals are achieved and much more by providing connectivity either wired or via event WiFi services, broadband either via satellite or where possible by placing permanent PSTN phone lines at that venue location. Microwave transmitters can be used to beam data for miles with no loss of speed or quality.

More and more we see the use of iPads and other tablet devices as a means of interacting with clients or the general public in order to promote websites, gain customer data or simply gauge their opinions. In many cases this requires a temporary internet connection in order to support the additional load placed by all of these new smart devices – which is where our event WiFi services come in. Often we see the requirement for high bandwidth temporary internet where options range from 2Mbps with 1:1 contention ratios right up to fibre leased lines of 1000Mbps. Today in central London it is possible in most locations to beam a point to point internet connection with up to 100Mbps of synchronous data throughput. In some cases the only option is satellite broadband which can prove very effective in certain circumstances but there are challenges here too, such as line of site.

Event WiFi Services and Temporary Internet Solutions

One of the big misconceptions with IT for events, conferences, road shows, sporting events or festivals is that there is some sort of black art involved or that there is a magic box of tricks designed specifically for events. Only in rare cases is this true. In most cases mainstream heavy duty IT infrastructure is used and it all hinges around connectivity. Whether you are building a wired network or an event WiFi network, whatever sits at the end of it can usually be configured to work across that network: be it an RFID device, pdq terminal, ATM machine, cash register, ticket service or simply a computer. Often the data will rely on an internet connection and in most cases the venue either doesn’t have internet or the internet is woefully inadequate, something which is all too often overlooked.

noba understands all of the challenges associated with events, quite simply through years of experience in setting up temporary internet access and event WiFi services. Whether it is a sporting event, road show, festival or conference, we have been there before. Having been presented with all manners of different indoor and outdoor IT, broadband and networking challenges our temporary internet solutions and event WiFi services can help you tackle the complexity of achieving whatever IT based ideas, goals or challenges you have providing simplicity, reliability and cost effectiveness.

We welcome the chance to discuss your project in more detail so please take the time to contact us when appropriate. You can contact us here either via email or telephone.